You need a team with a balance of legal, eDiscovery and technology expertise, this is who we are.

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eDiscovery specialists

We have one of the largest eDiscovery teams in Australia and the UK, averaging 12 years eDiscovery experience, gained from top-tier legal technology teams, big four accounting practices, specialist and boutique eDiscovery providers and large international eDiscovery organisations.

Practising lawyers

We know what it is like to stand in your shoes. Technological experience is only part of the equation; our solutions need to work within a practical legal environment. Many of our team have worked as practising solicitors. We are aware of the challenges you face and stay across the eDiscovery best practices that can help you overcome them.

Technical experts

We believe new problems require new solutions. Our development team continually work to improve the functions of various market-leading eDiscovery tools. We build innovative custom solutions that meet our clients’ specific needs in an increasingly complex and technical legal landscape.

Jurisdictional experience

Our international team in Australia, the UK, USA and India have experience running matters in jurisdictions across the globe. We understand the eDiscovery and legal nuances specific to each country, as well as within its various jurisdictions and practice areas. We have worked on hundreds of matter types and continue to deliver solutions and impact across various sectors and all jurisdictions.

You need workable solutions for shifting priorities, from experts who work when you do.

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