It?s National Fitness Day!

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Have a read and see if someone inspires you to get moving. Whether that is a brisk walk in the mornings, a Zumba class with your friends, a kickboxing session or a . Otherwise hashtag your own story and you might inspire someone else! Research shows that people who start their day off with physical activity end up having much lower stress levels, making better decisions at work and having much more energy. Get involved. Therefore today we celebrate the fun behind getting fit ? however you decide to do it. The options are endless.How are those New Year?s Resolutions going? You know the ones ? the gym twice a week, the healthier diet, stairs instead of the escalator, even walking to work? Wish we hadn?t reminded you? Thought as much! is on the 25th of September and is the perfect day to re-evaluate your life decisions, reassess your goals, and restart your health kick. Moreover ? and most importantly ? active people are happier! Give yourself five minutes to think about . #Fitness2Me is a trend that is all over social media, allowing us all to express what fitness means to us. Do you make time for a quick gym session before or after work? Is there a day you could walk to the office instead of driving? Is there a fitness app you could download that will encourage you to do ten-minute workout every day? It?s time to unroll that yoga mat or get a football out the cupboard and get fit. National Fitness Day. The idea behind National Fitness Day is to spread the word about how important physical activity is to lead much healthier lives. To some, it means getting fit and healthy. 25th September. Being physically active means something different to everyone. To others, physical activity is a stress reliever

But what is the right way to cut up an avocado? Are you team slice down the middle then cut across? Or maybe you?re more of a scooper? In any case, how on earth do you get the stone out? In 2012, Meryl Streep ? the ultimate hipster ? revealed her bandaged ?Avocado hand? (yes, that?s a real term. Avocados also provide B&C vitamins to support your immune function, folate ? especially important for pregnant women ? and oleic acid to support your cognition and brain function. For a cheaper alternative to guacamole, why not try blended peas, asparagus or broccoli. As a result, there have been issues with South American avocado planters illegally redirecting rivers to their farms, causing major droughts in their area. Saturated fat is the bad fat that we need to avoid. ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT Did you know it takes around 272 litres of water to grow a single avocado? The equivalent of around 3. They are high in fibre for digestion and a satiated appetite and potassium to help control your blood pressure and facilitate muscle contraction. THEY?RE NEVER RIPE WHEN YOU NEED THEM MOST? ? And just when you think they?re ready to eat, they decide to turn brown. Not only do they taste yummy but they have some serious health benefits as well!. ?So why the bad press? Avocados are high in fat and therefore calories. But the obsession has now gone beyond your local hipster cafe, as avocados have not only become commonplace on birthday cards and clothing but you can buy avocado-shaped towels, cushions, chocolate, dog toys even baby teethers. And even in desperate times, never eat brown avos! IMPOSSIBLE TO SLICE! Alright, this is officially a first world problem.) ON A MORE SERIOUS NOTE? Incorpore asked one of their consultants, Fitness Expert Jen Wells, about the reality of avocados: ?Avocados have become a recent superfood with their combination of almost 20 vitamins and minerals, seeing a surge in their popularity.5 baths. Avocados are packed full of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. Long story short: the craze has gone too far ? and it?s boring. But what is important to remember about fat is that it is the type of fat that matters.? Okay, fine ? they?re not that bad. Here are some reasons why avocados are not all they?re made out to be. and the fruit has even got its own National Avocado Day on 31/07. Now wonder they?ve been coined ?green gold?. Whilst they have the same calorie density at 9kcal per gram, they have a wealth of such as reducing inflammation, decreasing risk of heart disease, some cancers, depression, Alzheimer?s and Parkinson?s. Your guacamole obsession is also at the root of mass ? often illegal ? deforestation in Mexico which is responsible for 30% of the production of the fruit. ?All I recommend you bear in mind is the serving size may be smaller than you expect, at 1/3 of a medium sized avocado which will deliver around 200kcal. TOO PRICEY! Fun fact: 24,499 avocado toasts could buy you a deposit on a house in London.From the ?basic? avocado salad and smashed avocados on toast to the more elusive avocado pasta or avocado margarita; you have to agree that there is no escaping the avo

The only rule being it?s a different group that collects the treats every week so that everyone has a chance to get out. Give everyone who has a note written about them the grace to go home situps early, or buy them a coffee. The only rules are that the food has to be healthy! Healthy food helps employees concentrate for longer and is more filling. The action of providing healthy snacks shows employees that management values its workforce?s wellbeing. Here are some ideas for Wellness Wednesday: HEALTHY COOKING CONTEST If your office is set up into teams; plan the month in advance, as to which team will cook each week. Beat those hump day feelings! Add to it every week, and at the end of the month let your colleagues keep the ones that are written about them. After two long days in front of the computer, thinking about that upcoming deadline, or maybe just what you should have for dinner, it?s not surprising Wednesdays feel like a bit of a drag. It also gives them huge brownie points with the other members of the office, as they are treated to a well needed drink. At the end of the week, nominate someone to read them and deliver them to the people who are named on them.How to beat those hump day feelings in the office! We all need a pick me up in the middle of the week. Many people have fitness trackers or the ability to count steps on their phones in their pockets. Allow people time to read the wall and discuss what they?ve read. HEALTHY COMPETITION Create a mini competition within the office based on something healthy; for example, a step count competition. Once again, this allows them to get away from their desks and they might get the chance to say hello to other colleagues. DESIGNATED COFFEE SHOP STOP Once a week, an employee from each team can take orders and wander down to the local coffee shop and grab everybody a hot drink. It gets them away from their screens, a chance to have a walk and chat to colleagues who they may not usually interact with. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT JAR Similar to the wellness wall, but less time-consuming; place a jar in a communal area, and every time a colleague does something helpful, or goes above and beyond, write it down on a little note and pop it in the jar. HEALTHY SNACKS PROVIDED Create a communal drawer, perhaps in the staff kitchen and regularly fill it with /fruit for the staff to dip in and out of when they start to feel peckish. Just a gesture from the boss is sometimes enough for employees to feel valued. Then, at the end of the month, vote for your favourite Wednesday Wellness Lunch. Why not buy a different snack every week, meaning team members try new things. Try choose a over a however! WEDNESDAY WELLNESS WALL Create a space on a wall that everyone can see and once a week designate time for employees to write something about a colleague that would make them smile. Create a wall or white board area and challenge staff to get the most steps recording their amount during working hours. This might encourage them to go for a walk on their lunch break, or have walking meetings instead of staying in front of their screens. It might motivate others and encourage a healthier life style as well!. The only rule here is that you have to write about someone different every week. It puts a smile on everyone?s face and gets people talking. Why not consider setting up something for a Wednesday that you and the team can look forward to? Set aside time during the middle of the week that gets you thinking about something else for half an hour. It is also an opportunity for people within the office to mingle and socialise with each other which maximises team building and bonding

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